Things to think of when planning an outdoor wedding

Gone are the days of rigid, formal church weddings. Couples are now more likely to opt for a destination wedding, something outdoors, or an otherwise private, homely setting. At Buttai Barn, we love weddings of all kinds, but our favourite ‘I do’s’ are exchanged outdoors among nature. Here is a list of all the reasons why we love outdoor weddings.

Nature is the perfect backdrop

Whether you choose a country setting, a beach or rainforest, natural beauty is simply breathtaking. The photographic possibilities are endless when you exchange vows amongst nature. Remember, wedding photos are supposed to adorn the walls of your home for the rest of your life, and there’s no better background than a serene, tranquil, natural setting. Outdoor settings are also a blank canvas, allowing brides and grooms to really personalise the location to suit their own style.

Fresh air and natural sound will enhance the ambience

In addition to visual beauty, the sounds of waves crashing or birds chirping, combined with the smell flowers or just plain fresh air will provide an intangible ambience you can’t replicate indoors.  The calming sounds of nature will only complement the intimate setting for this momentous occasion. There is also space here to be creative with timing. For example, vows under a colourful sunset will make the atmosphere all the more magical.

Nature and emotional connection

 Humans have had a connectedness with nature since the dawn of time. The beauty of nature unsurprisingly evokes emotional responses within us. Getting married is a significant milestone in your life, one that is emotionally charged and deeply personal. There’s something truly cathartic about sharing this moment with those you love most in the great outdoors.

Intimacy, regardless of wedding size

We think outdoor weddings are far more intimate than their indoor counterparts. And, it seems this is regardless of how many guests are in attendance. You could get married with a thousand onlookers in the great outdoors and it would still feel like a small, warm ceremony. Similarly, you could only invite a handful of friends and relatives, and you’d still feel surrounded by love and support. In contrast to the outdoors being physically open and spacious, it actually fosters a sense of closeness, both to nature and the people around you.

Some things to consider when planning a wedding outdoors…

The weather is unpredictable

As much as we would like to have a crystal ball, the weather is unpredictable and chances are -you’ll be locking in your wedding date long before the weatherman publicises his forecast. The good news is that rain, hail or shine, your photographer can capture magical images in any setting and in any weather conditions. The bad news is… your guests won’t love the idea of sitting outside in a storm. Whilst we love a good outdoor wedding, having a backup plan is a must. At Buttai Barn, we often host outdoor wedding services, followed by receptions inside our barn. We offer our brides and grooms the option of using the barn or our stables for undercover ceremonies in the event of wet weather.

Your wedding day should be all you’ve ever dreamed it would be. Once you start wedding planning, there are so many decisions to be made and things to consider. We love a good outdoor wedding, but ultimately, you should choose a setting that reflects the two of you as a couple. This is a day to create beautiful memories and start a wonderful journey together. If you’re looking for outdoor wedding venues in the Hunter Valley, we invite you to consider Buttai Barn. For more information, please see our weddings brochure, or phone our Events Co-ordinator on (02) 4930 3153.