The Case for the Rustic Barn Wedding

Planning a wedding is an exciting time in the life of a happy, newly-engaged couple. Whether you have been dreaming of your wedding since childhood, or only just started shopping around now, one of the first decisions you’ll want to make is about the wedding theme and venue. This will set the tone for most other choices that follow such as dress, cake, flowers etc.

The last few years have seen a rise in country, rustic, vintage and even bohemian themes for weddings. It would seem that many couples are seeing a historic charm in simultaneously going simple and elegant. In line with these theme trends, it would also seem that the modest barn has become quite a sought after venue.

As self-appointed lawyers in the case in favour of the humble, rustic wedding, we have compiled the evidence below, and we will let you be the judge.

Beautiful setting, scenery and a blank canvas

Rustic barn weddings typically occur in the countryside. This setting traditionally comes with complimentary views that are simplistic yet breathtaking.

A barn, in particular, is an extremely blank canvas that can be decorated to suit the style of all brides and grooms. The generally ‘open design’ and classic charm of the barn leaves endless options for adding your own personal touch.

At Buttai Barn, our barn is located amongst picturesque country scenery complete with big, beautiful trees and a tranquil pond. Our barn and our old Stables provide warm, intimate settings for both wedding ceremonies and receptions, with endless photograph opportunities on our grounds.

Space, space, and more space

Rustic barn weddings never feel crowded. If you’re looking for a venue that is large enough to accommodate your growing list of family and friends without having to compromise on visual appeal and expense, a barn wedding is perfect for you!
The Barn here at Buttai has plenty of room to accommodate a guest list of up to 240, with ample outdoor space for guests to take a serene break from the festivities as required. Not everyone can party all night anymore!

Parking is not an issue

At Buttai Barn, and most rustic barn wedding venues, you’ll find we are well prepared for large groups of people, and parking is no issue. There’s plenty of car parking space, and for guests who are always running late, this is great news.

Buttai Barn is also conveniently located near Maitland and only 30 minutes from Newcastle, though far enough from the main road to feel secluded, exclusive and private.

No Neighbours

Rustic barn weddings generally don’t have neighbours. While home based weddings on personal properties are lovely and intimate, there’s often neighbours involved.

As long as everyone behaves themselves and has fun, we don’t mind loud sounds of merriment and celebration at Buttai Barn. We have no neighbours, no noise complaints and we insist you have the time of your life.

Less formal doesn’t mean less beautiful

The rise in rustic wedding trends is proof alone that simplistic beauty is “in.” The popularity of traditional, formal church weddings with massive white dresses has declined, with most couples electing barns, vineyards and beaches as simple, natural nuptial settings. Though they are less formal in nature, rustic barn weddings are a beautiful and elegant affair.

Buttai Barn offers gorgeous, rustic settings with romantic decorations to celebrate your big day. We believe in simplistic, natural beauty and making your wedding a day you’ll never forget.

In closing, charm and character are hard to beat. Historic value and striking views are in style for a reason. Beauty, simplicity and affordability are hard to find in one package, but here at Buttai Barn, that’s exactly what we offer. If you’re dreaming of an exclusive, rustic wedding without the wedding price tag, give us a call at Buttai Barn today on 0409 459 369. With all those points above, we rest our case!