The benefits of the great outdoors on the little ones

It’s spring school holidays, and while the weather hasn’t been amazing, we hope the little people have had some time to explore the great outdoors. Because we love the simple life in the country at Buttai Barn, we are big on teaching children to appreciate nature and fresh air. Less time on video games, more time outside! It would seem that science agrees, here are some reasons why outdoor fun is best.

  1. Cognitive Development

Playing outside is great for a child’s cognitive development as it helps them learn about themselves, and how to take risks in a safe environment. Skills such as climbing, running with speed and balancing teach them about their personal limits. Unstructured play fosters creativity. Being outdoors without the influences of modern vices such as the PlayStation and Netflix gives children the opportunity to be more creative and to play imaginatively. The sky is the limit.

Being outside can be empowering for children, and also assists in the development of critical thinking skills. It’s hard to let kids be kids inside because they’re so loud, but outside- they’re free.

  1. Motor and Sensory Development

Being in open spaces gives children the room to run, jump, cartwheel, backflip and dance freely. Being without confine is great for their motor skills and sensory development. Nature is a great source of sensory stimulation! Breathing in fresh air, and touching and smelling the various wonders of nature such as bark, leaves, grass, water, dirt, and flowers, children get the full sensory experience.

  1. Physical Health and Fitness

As mentioned above, running games, ball games, and dancing and gymnastic activities all accelerate the development of children’s gross motor skills. In addition, they constitute exercise and have wonderful benefits for physical health. Exercise will help your child stay fit, energetic and ready for their school and sporting activities. Fresh air is also amazing- we all know it has wonderful physical, mental and emotional benefits for adults – and it’s no different for children. Sunshine will also give your child a healthy dose (please slip, slop and slap and the hotter days!) of Vitamin D too, which is needed for bone health and other bodily functions.

  1. Social Skills

There’s nothing better than the sounds of children playing happily in the backyard together. Of course, if we’re talking about siblings there’s the occasional argument, but even then, outdoor social play gives children the opportunity to increase their social skills. Diplomacy is one of them. Sharing, collaborating and enjoying imaginative play together build’s a child’s confidence as well as their communication skills.

  1. Educational Experience

Nature is beautiful and full of so many lessons for children, you won’t know where to start. Teach them about the earth, about how important it is to keep the environment clean. When you spot a caterpillar, explain their lifecycle. If you’re planting a garden, involve the munchkins. Ask them to take responsibility for watering the plants, not only will they learn accountability but they’ll appreciate science too. Encourage questions, and let them explore the world for what it is. Teach them respect for nature and how to find beauty in the simple things in life.

If you don’t have the luxury of a big country backyard, never mind- you can take the tykes on bush walks or on outings to the park. Even if it rains for the rest of the holidays, make sure you take some time to appreciate the great outdoors.

If you’re looking for a change of scenery, or if the holidays have driven you mad and you’d like a night out, consider booking a night with us at Buttai Barn. We have picturesque grounds, great food and country entertainment that will help you escape and get back to basics! Call 4930 3153 to enquire, or click here.