The Benefits of Country Living

Life in 2017 is busy, rushed and most folks are overscheduled. Historically, even the most city loving people have dreams to move to the country once they start a family, but even for those who dont, a quick country escape could be just what the doctor ordered. While there are positives and negatives for both country living and city dwelling, we wanted to highlight the benefits of fresh country air, and even if you cant or wont make the move, you should definitely take some time out occasionally to enjoy the benefits of the simple life.

Peace, Privacy and Tranquillity

Overcrowding can be a bit of a problem in cities and towns, and typically, cities never sleep. While that may be good for those who like to party, those who like peace and tranquillity will probably never find that in the city. Privacy comes much easier in the country where the people to space ratio is tipped in the other direction. The noise from night life and traffic is non-existent and the sounds of nature are quiet and soothing.

Being close to nature is good for the soul

Science has proven that our environments have the potential to increase or decrease our stress levels. Research also reveals that nature has the power to heal, and that calm scenes of plants, animals and the sounds of birds and wildlife can reduce feelings of stress, anger and fear while increasing pleasant feelings, coping mechanisms and pain tolerance.

Nature abounds in the country, from picturesque landscapes and settings, to beautiful sunsets and the sound of birds chirping to awaken you each morning. The calming, soothing effect of nature is far better for your stress levels than the noise and buzz of the city.

Open spaces

Going back to family living, open spaces are amazing if you have children and/or pets. Theres less need for video games and TV and more opportunities for bikes, hikes and ball games. The country boasts plenty of land for kids to explore and take the dog for a walk.

Blocks of land are usually more spacious too, which means families have more space for gardening and have the ability to produce some of their own, completely organic, fruit and vegies.

Fresh air

Its not just a clich, the country is home to cleaner air. Cities have more air pollution from having more cars and industry. That means theres less toxins in the air, and the potential health benefits from this alone are endless. The long term effects of air pollution on people include heart and respiratory problems, certainly something to avoid.

Its just friendlier

Most country folk who visit the city find that theres less community spirit than our country towns. People in the city dont wave to or smile at strangers, they are busy and more insular. Country towns typically foster the everyone knows everyone spirit and if they dont, they live by the mantra, a stranger is just a friend you havent met yet. Country neighbours are more likely to be friends who will offer help without expecting anything in return as well.

Slower pace, more relaxed

Stress can be instantly reduced by the slow paced nature of country living. Thats why the country makes a fabulous respite for those who typically prefer the city, its a great break. No need to hurry in the country, you do things at your own pace and at your own speed.

And if all that doesnt convince you to pack up your family and abandon city living for the simple life, we suggest you plan a night off with your friends and family. Why not come enjoy a partner dance, make some new friends on the dance floor and ride a mechanical bull named Elvis? You can also ride a blow up horse and challenge other teams to a race! It doesnt get much better than that.

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