Rustic Wedding Ideas

At Buttai Barn, we love weddings of all varieties. However, our stunning locale and country barn make us slightly more partial to the rustic-themed kind. Not only is it a popular concept right now, but rustic weddings can also be beautifully simple and affordable. If you’re planning a rustic wedding and doing some DIY to […]

The benefits of the great outdoors on the little ones

It’s spring school holidays, and while the weather hasn’t been amazing, we hope the little people have had some time to explore the great outdoors. Because we love the simple life in the country at Buttai Barn, we are big on teaching children to appreciate nature and fresh air. Less time on video games, more […]

What you need to know about work Christmas Party protocol

The work Christmas party, a tradition as old as office work itself, is an annual event you either love or hate. The side of the fence you sit on will likely depend on how much you enjoy your work mates, however, it’s a good idea to attend and embrace the occasion regardless. The aim of […]

Country people say it like it is!

At Buttai Barn, we guarantee you’ll have a buckin’ great night out, however, it would be best if you came along prepared for country fun and hospitality. In the country, we like the simple life, we value authenticity and we’ll say it like it is. No beating around the bush- pun intended! Our rustic venue […]

Winter Campfire Recipes

Winter is here and there’s nothing better than a bonfire in the backyard on the weekend! Whether you’re at home or out camping in the bush, a toasty campfire is good for keeping you warm, roasting marshmallows, and you can use it  to cook up some delicious tucker. We appreciate simple, country living a Buttai […]

5 Reasons to Renew Your Vows

Vow renewals have been around forever, however, they became more popular in the western world sometime during the 1970s. Saying ‘I still do’ may not be something you’ve thought about before, but it’s certainly something worth considering. If you’re wondering why so many couples make the effort to recommit, we’ve made a list of 5 […]

Great country love songs

Music is a powerful form of communication, as it is a universal language. Not everyone has the same taste in genre, but all the classy people love country, and that’s a fact. Known as generally positive, and loved for its chord simplicity, country music is popular for many, many reasons. Country songs are typically quite […]

A Guide to Modern Wedding Etiquette

Wedding traditions aren’t always what they used to be. It’s 2018, and not surprisingly, wedding etiquette has evolved and changed over the years. Some traditional elements have remained, while others have been adapted or ditched completely. If you’re getting married, or you’ll be attending a wedding sometime soon (and you might not have done that […]

A Welcome Change in Australian Marriage Legislation

At Buttai Barn, we are a country wedding venue that celebrates marriage equality and happily hosts any romantic, rustic, country weddings for all our brides and grooms to be. On December 9th 2017, Australian marriage legislation officially changed to allow all couples to experience the joys of matrimony. This was fantastic news for equality, for […]

The Case for the Rustic Barn Wedding

Planning a wedding is an exciting time in the life of a happy, newly-engaged couple. Whether you have been dreaming of your wedding since childhood, or only just started shopping around now, one of the first decisions you’ll want to make is about the wedding theme and venue. This will set the tone for most […]

5 Modern TV Shows Making Country Cool Again

Let’s face it, country is cool again…. And you may be asking, what’s the appeal? Basically, the country lifestyle takes us back to yesteryear, without sacrificing too much on modern day comforts. We associate the term with good music, simple fun, and focusing on what really matters in life. It’s decluttering our busy lives and […]

Buttai Barn Celebrates 35th birthday- Country Style

Local function and event venue, Buttai Barn, has reached an impressive milestone this month, a successful 35 years in business. To commemorate this momentous birthday, owners Garry and Marilyn Maddison celebrated country style as they have helped so many others to do for over three decades. Joined by a bucks night party group, two birthday […]

Kids Country Movies- an entertainment guide for School Holidays

Spring school holidays have arrived and hopefully the weather is amazing and you can spend as much time as possible outside with the munchkins in the fresh air. However, if there’s illness in the family, a rainy day, or parents with a million jobs to do and down time on the couch is required, we […]

The Benefits of Country Living

Life in 2017 is busy, rushed and most folks are overscheduled. Historically, even the most city loving people have dreams to move to the country once they start a family, but even for those who dont, a quick country escape could be just what the doctor ordered. While there are positives and negatives for both […]

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