Kids Country Movies- an entertainment guide for School Holidays

Spring school holidays have arrived and hopefully the weather is amazing and you can spend as much time as possible outside with the munchkins in the fresh air. However, if there’s illness in the family, a rainy day, or parents with a million jobs to do and down time on the couch is required, we have some suggestions. This school holidays, introduce the kidlets to some country classics, it’s an education that’s entertaining, we promise!

Rango (2011)

Not quite old enough to be considered a “classic” just yet, Rango is sure made of classic material. Created in 2011, Rango chronicles the travels of a sheltered pet chameleon suddenly forced to survive in the Wild West of desert animals.

The title character is voiced by Johnny Depp and both seriousness and hilarity ensue as Rango battles his own desire to stand out, with his natural reaction as a chameleon, which is to blend in. This is a feel-good family movie with laughs for all ages and a great tour through the days of saloons, cowboys and gunfights through the eyes of animal characters. Rango weaves the classic tale of finding your inner hero and is sure to be a hit with tweens, teens and adults alike.

Maverick (1994)

Aussie actor Mel Gibson teams up with Jodie Foster and James Garner in this 1994 classic that fits in to the action, adventure and comedy categories. Set in the American Wild West, Bret Maverick (Gibson) faces an unfortunate series of events and challenges after falling short on funds for a poker tournament entry. A con artist himself, he meets his match when up against a clever female thief (Foster).

A thrilling western comedy, Maverick is nothing but laughs and entertainment from start to finish for the older kiddies in the family.

Back to the Future Part 3 (1990)

While you may have to go back over part one and two first, which arent exactly country western centred, its worth it to get to number three! Set in 1855 America, Doc and Marty McFly find themselves in the Wild West amongst the McFly ancestors and the Biffs of generations past. Determined to find their way back to the future, they come up against friendlies and foes and eventually restore things as they were with minimal damage to the timeline.

Finding a film that combines sci-fi and country western is rare, but is done brilliantly in this fun family classic that will educate your youngsters on multiple historical eras.

The Man from Snowy River (1982)

Of course we could only finish this list of favourites with the ultimate home-grown, classic country movie. Based on the poem written by Aussie poet, Banjo Patterson, The Man from Snowy River has been somewhat mandatory viewing in families for decades.

Filmed in 1982 rural Australia, complete with breathtaking country views, The Man from Snowy River follows the adventures of Jim Craig, as he earns the right to inherit and work his father’s station. This movie is packed with drama, romance and history, and transports audiences back to the late 1800’s every time. Every young Aussie should see this classic at least once!

Escaping the busyness and complexity of modern life is a necessity nowadays and at Buttai Barn, we recommend getting back to your country roots as often as possible. Whether by book, film or a country outing, we say- enjoy the simple life whenever you can!

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