There’s nothing more Australian than a bush dance, and nothing that will quench an Aussie thirst than a beer. At Buttai Barn, we have a range of brews available from both Australia and overseas – including one from our very own Hunter Valley.

If a beer is not your preferred drink, Buttai Barn have a selection of red and white wines from the Hunter Valley and beyond, as well as shots of top shelf spirits available. And for that special celebration, Buttai Barn of course has bottles of bubbly!


Corona, 150 Lashes                                                 $8..00
Coopers Pale Ale, Extra Dry,                                 $6.50
Tooheys Extra Dry, Carlton Dry,

Pure Blonde,  Hahn Super Dry                             $6.50

Coopers Pale Ale                                                  $6.50

Crown Lager, Strongbow                                         $6.50

New, Old, VB, Carlton Draught                                 $6.00
Hahn Prem Lite, Cascade Lite, XXXX Gold           $5.50


Scotch, Jim Bean, Bundy Rum, Brandy                         $7.00
Bacardi, Gin, Vodka, Canadian Club,                              $7.00
Baileys, Tia Maria, Malibu, Southern Comfort,               $8.00

Jack Daniels, Midori, Galliano, Kaluah,                          $8.00

Wild Turkey, Tequila                                                        $8.00

White Wines

McGuigans Black Label Verdelho                                      $28.00       $6.00
McGuigans Black Label Chardonnay                                 $28..00      $6.00
Tyrrells Old Winery Chardonnay                                       
Rosemount Sem. Sauv. Blanc                                            $32
.00        $7.00
Gossip Lips Moscato (White,Rose)                                  
$18.00         $4.50


Moselle, Reisling – 750m                                                 $ 18.00       $4.50

Chardonnay, Sem. Sav. Blanc                                      $20.00         $5.00

Red Wines

Wyndham Estate Bin 444 Cab. Sauv.           $32.00 

Wyndham 555 Shiraz                                    $32.00
McGuigan Black Label Merlot                      $28.00       $6.00

McGuigan’s REd Blend                                   $28.00       $6.00

McGuigan’s Black Label Merlot                       $28.00       $6.00
Tyrrells Long Flat Red $24.00
McWilliams Hanwood Shiraz                       $32.00


Soft Dry Red – 750ml                                  $18.00    $4.50

Cab. Sauv,Merlot,Shiraz – 750ml               $20.00    $5.00


Ricadonna                                                                    $30.00
Yellowglen Pink & Yellow                                          

Pre Mixed

Cruisers – Wild Rapsberry, Guava, Lemon Lime, Pineapple.   $8.00
West Coast Cooler                                                                        $6.00

Soft Drinks

Orange Juice 1L $16.00
Glass $4.00

Middy – Coke, Lift, Sprite $3.50
Cans – Diet Coke, Sprite, Lift, Coke Zero, Pepsi Max $4.00Ginger Beer, Diet Ginger Beer $4.00
Lemon Lime & Bitters $4.00