DJ vs the Band

Being party people, we love all the details involved in making your big event special. Whether you are planning an engagement party, birthday party, corporate function or wedding, you’ve got lots to think about. Music is one of them. Music not only provides tunes for games and dancing, it helps to create an ambience that sets the mood for the entire event.

So, the big decision pertaining to music usually comes down to choosing between a DJ and a band.  Things to consider include; your music style, your party theme, any personal preferences and your budget. In addition, there are quite a few pros and cons for both options. Here’s our take on them:



  • Good DJs have a massive inventory of music from multiple genres
  • Because of their extensive collection, DJs can change styles to adapt to the audience if he/she senses the mood in the room is waning
  • Experienced DJs can feel the vibe of the party and adjust style and tempo accordingly, and by maintaining this level of interest, it can actually make your party/wedding feel like it’s lasting longer (in a good way)
  • The sound quality and volume control is always top notch
  • DJs can take requests
  • Usually a more affordable option than a live band
  • They take up less stage space
  • Long breaks are not required, so DJs can play awesome music for hours on end


  • Whilst their inventory is typically extensive, there is always the chance they won’t have some of your favourites (or some of the requests from your guests)
  • If the DJs personality isn’t big enough, they may not be capable of raising the energy in the room and bringing people to the dance floor
  • A DJ may be able to serve as MC, but if not experienced enough, they could fall flat -whereas band singers are quite accustomed to the public speaking side of things
  • You may not find out until the actual event that you don’t like their style, always discuss your personal style beforehand and make a playlist where possible



  • Bands are made up of people producing their own live sound, creating a more emotive connection with party/wedding attendees.
  • Live performances are often more energetic, impressive and exciting for your guests
  • They are more interactive with the crowd, and people are more likely to sing along
  • Bands are not restricted to songs in their inventory, if you give plenty of notice, they can usually learn and play anything you request
  • Because the music is being performed live, there is room for personalisation and customisation to the songs


  • Bands are often more expensive
  • A band will have far more equipment to cart along with them, and that will take up much more space on the stage or in the room
  • There will be small pauses between each song, and breaks every half hour or so, whereas a DJ can play continuous music
  • Due to the breaks bands require energy may be lost on dancefloor
  • You may not like their particular rendition of certain songs
  • The set up and pack away process is longer
  • Whilst some bands will be customisable and therefore have an edge on the DJ, others may not offer that service and will consequently have less variety in their arsenal
  • Bands often have less efficient volume control than DJs

 So, there’s quite a few things for and against the DJ and the band. The best thing to do is to work out your personal preferences first, then figure out your budget. The music that’s played will become the soundtrack of your function, so it’s important to choose wisely.

At Buttai Barn, we regularly host birthday parties, hen’s shows, corporate functions, and just about any kind of party as part of our buckin’ shows. There’s a live band to help you dance the night away and enjoy some crazy country games too. We also host engagement parties and weddings, and when booking our venue out for such a function, the choice between DJ and live band is yours.

If you’d like to know more about our buckin’ shows or weddings packages, feel free to give us a call on 4930 3153.