Country people say it like it is!

At Buttai Barn, we guarantee you’ll have a buckin’ great night out, however, it would be best if you came along prepared for country fun and hospitality. In the country, we like the simple life, we value authenticity and we’ll say it like it is. No beating around the bush- pun intended!

Our rustic venue is the perfect way to celebrate any milestone, from birthdays to engagement parties and weddings, or even just a random night out. The food is honest country fare and the music and dancing is a blast.  If you want superficial, obsequious service, you won’t find it at The Barn. Sometimes when we’re really busy, it might seem as though we don’t have time for chit chat, we just need to get through that meal and let the fun begin.  So please, don’t be precious and get all offended because of some imagined slight and just enjoy yourselves, after all that’s what The Barn is all about:  Good fun times with no frills.  That’s the country experience you came to see us for, a good country show and a buckin’ great night out!

We welcome people and families of all shapes and sizes, even the little munchkins. Please note, if the little ones start doing back flips on the dance floor, or run in front of the buckin’ bull, we won’t hesitate to say something to them. While kids running about might not worry some parents, we want them to stay safe and not run into people who are escaping their own kids for the night.

Some folks may see direct communication as “too blunt,” but in fact, this honesty better demonstrates self-respect, as well as respect for the person that you’re speaking with. We’ve given a lot of thought to this concept lately, and here’s what we’ve found to be the top three benefits of ‘saying it like it is’.

  1. Authenticity saves EVERYONE time and energy

There is much to be said for getting straight to the point, dealing with the issue at hand, and then moving on quickly- no damage done. In the country, we live the simple life, but we are hardworking, active people with no time to be passive-aggressive. We say it like it is.

  1. Authenticity builds integrity

Integrity, “The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles” as defined by Google, is important to country folk. We don’t believe in saying one thing and then doing the opposite, we have integrity, and we tell you what we’re thinking and how we feel.

  1. Authenticity facilitates REAL relationships

Authentic people have the courage to be vulnerable and “real.” Everybody loves “real” right now, that’s why half the shows on TV are reality programs (though their actual authenticity is seemingly dubious). Chances are, you’ve got that one friend who isn’t afraid to tell you there’s a poppy seed from your bread roll now stuck in your teeth, or your lipstick’s smudged on your top lip. This friend will tell you when your outfit isn’t flattering, or if your date is a complete douchebag. As long as they tell you diplomatically, we bet you love and trust that friend over the others. Why? Because that friend is WAY better than the one that will say that you look fine- when you don’t. Who trusts the friend that waits and says, “I knew he/she was bad news from the start!” when you finally break up with the douchebag? Nobody! You’ll always end up thinking, “Why the hell didn’t you say so before? I just lost six months of my life!”

And, there you have it. Honest, open communication is good for a whole bunch of reasons. For wholesome fun, food and entertainment, join us at Buttai Barn real soon for a buckin’ great night out. Ticket price comes complete with a dose of honesty, and a straight shot of integrity. Yes, in the country we are comfortable with simply… saying it how it is!