5 Modern TV Shows Making Country Cool Again

Let’s face it, country is cool again…. And you may be asking, what’s the appeal? Basically, the country lifestyle takes us back to yesteryear, without sacrificing too much on modern day comforts. We associate the term with good music, simple fun, and focusing on what really matters in life. It’s decluttering our busy lives and enjoying the great outdoors, focusing on people and less on “things.”

Even city dwellers are getting on board. The popularity of modern TV shows like Nashville and Hart of Dixie have brought out the country guy and girl in many urban folk. We have compiled a short list of modern (mostly) TV shows you should check out if you’re in the mood for some country charm over the summer holidays.


The American Country music capitol and home to sacred country music sites like The Grand Ole Opry and The Bluebird Café, was brought to life in 2012 in the fictional television series Nashville. Starring Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere, among many other talented actors and singers, this show follows the story of fading star Rayna Jaymes, and rising star Juliette Barnes.

As any good soap opera, it is full of romance, drama and action with the added bonus of tons of original country music you can sing along to. If you like country music, or the American south, this is an excellent viewing option and with five seasons out and one final sixth season to go, there’s hours of fun and music awaiting you.

Nashville is so popular, even in city areas, that when original network ABC cancelled the show at the end of its fourth season, disappointed fans complained so loudly, CMT picked the series up for a final two seasons. Now, that is cool!!

Hart of Dixie

After failing to pursue a career in heart surgery, city doctor Zoe Hart, played by Rachel Bilson, accepts a job offer in Alabama and packs up her life in New York to make the big move. Upon her arrival in Alabama, she discovers that the man who offered her the job has died and left half of his practice to her. Not surprising, her new business “partner” and owner of the other half of the practice, isn’t so happy about her inheritance.

The change from New York to Alabama is stark, and at first the townsfolk in her new home are not super hospitable, however, Zoe rises to the challenge and slowly discovers more about herself as she embraces her new surrounds.

Running over four seasons from 2011-2015, Hart of Dixie is simple, feel good viewing which portrays the journey from city life to country life, and proving that home is wherever the heart is and life is what you make it.

The Ranch

A hilarious country comedy starring Ashton Kutcher, The Ranch is for the adults in the house only. Colt Bennet (Kutcher) has recently returned to his childhood home in the American South after spending 15 years pursuing a career in football. He becomes the butt of all family jokes upon his return for his ranch keeping skills, or lack thereof.

Appearing on Netflix for the first time in 2016, The Ranch is cheeky, entertaining and funny, with a unique view on living and working on a ranch that will make you laugh until you cry. If you’re looking for some country fun in a comedic setting, The Ranch is perfect for you.

The second half of season two will soon be released on Netflix, and the good news is, it’s been renewed for a third season.

Fixer Upper

What?? Even reality TV is getting on board with promoting the perks of country living? That’s right. On Australian TV right now, 9Life is offering a vast array of renovation/flip shows that have everybody suddenly interested in interior design and curb appeal. A few of the best ones are set in the American South, but one in particular, headed by Chip and Joanna Gaines, has truly stolen hearts.

Set in Waco, Texas, husband and wife team Chip and Joanna take clients through a selection of 3 dilapidated houses and ask them to choose one that will then be renovated in to their dream home, keeping within their limited budgets. At the end of each episode, the clients are shown their fixer upper, which basically looks like a brand new house.

Texas countryside landscapes are shown in abundance, with short pieces on the Gaines family home and life with their four children, and they appear to be the epitome of country family farm life. If you like renovation shows, need inspiration for your own home makeover or just like the country vibe, check out Fixer Upper.

McLeod’s Daughters

Last but certainly not least, and perhaps the oldest show on our list, Aussie classic McLeod’s Daughters. This home-grown drama series featured the hardships and triumphs of ranch life and was well loved by Australians everywhere, whether they were city or country people.

Running from 2001-2009, McLeod’s Daughters produced 224 episodes and was one of Australia’s most successful television series. Co-creator Posie Graeme-Evans came up with concept of the show from stories of her own friends, who had grown up on Australian ranches and from her own love of South Australian landscapes.

The series followed the story of half-sisters Tess and Claire who wind up working together for mutual gain to keep their father’s ranch running. Their stories offer drama, romance and breathtaking landscapes and scenery perfect for any Aussie looking to connect with the rural side of our heritage.

With an impressive list like that, it’s pretty certain that country is cool again. There’s a reason we all love to watch shows and movies that highlight the fun that the country and outdoors have to offer. It’s peaceful, and something most of us innately crave.

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